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Growth Mindset

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

"Growth mindset" is the belief that skills and talents are not innate gifts--they require hard work and dedication. This is different from what is called "fixed mindset" which is the belief that people are simply good and what they are naturally good at.

I have a fixed mindset and am working on changing it. I am watching how I compliment my children. There is no more, "You are great at math!" Now I try to say more things like, "You worked hard at that. You did well. I hope you are proud of your work." This new way of affirmation will hopefully work to their advantage by becoming part of their inner voice. I hope this can turn into an inner fortitude when they need to work harder than they expect to in order to master a subject or task in the future.

Here is an article from the brilliant people at Mind/Shift that is worth reading and reflecting about: This month's inspiration is more education-themed due to the beginning of the school year. Mind/Shift is a site for educators whose articles can be applied to daily life for all of us. 



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