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Small But Mighty: Introducing the Webzine

Updated: Mar 22

It is no secret that magazines are a massive undertaking each month. While printed magazines are stellar, these days, they are not easily distributed in places like lobbies, hotels, or coffee shops. Bookstores are almost off limits. I don't think I am the only one to miss the allure of those sleek pages.

Like Mighty Mouse, the webzine has come to the rescue! Small because they fit on your screen and mighty because a webzine can have all the content of its beautiful printed sibling, the webzine is a powerhouse. We envision it being utilized by a non-profit, a town, or perhaps a Chamber of Commerce to promote ideas, an area, or a genre of interest.

G3 is very proud to participate, along with other volunteers, in the production of a webzine for Reborn Mental Health, a non-profit with a focus on mental health awareness and the prevention of youth suicide. Called Renewed Awareness, this magazine is the nation's only other magazine dedicated to mental health.

Click here to take a look!

Want to learn how a 25 page magazine can give your company, town, or non-profit a boost? Let's chat! Text or call 908.797.5078.


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