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Read It In 60 Seconds Series: Don't Forget About Facebook

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We. Can't. Stop. Checking. Our. Facebook.

As a nation, we cannot keep ourselves away. The latest Pew Research Center compiled report on usage states that 69% of American adults utilize the social media platform with 74% of users checking it at least once a day. Have something to promote? Don't forget about Facebook.

Never mind it's social ambiance and reputation, Facebook is irresistible to most Americans and is an inexpensive way to cross-promote your company. According to the same study from our friends at Pew, 43% of users get their news from Facebook. This fact alone should make you feel comfortable utilizing it for business purposes not only on your business' page but on your own personal page as well.

Don't Forget About Video

Luckily, the expectations for completed videos have become less stringent. While there is always room for a polished and professionally produced video, there is a lot of leeway for a more informal look. So in addition to relevant links and promotion of your blog, take a deep breath and branch out to video. Here is our first one:

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