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Websites Are Like Crocs

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

How do you know when it is time to update your website? One strong indicator that the time has come is when you feel like hiding it from the general public. G3's site looked outdated to me was. I made it back in 2011. It became like my old yellow Crocs--fashionable at the time of purchase, still respectable as a practical tool, but well, an embarrassment if seen by the public.

Here is the prior homepage:  

So cute and sweet! I even like the collage! However, this old website does not reflect the development of my company and it lacks the cool stuff the technology wizards have given us. And the navigation bar looks a little spooky hovering in thin air.

Most of the time, updating a website is mostly about updating tech, revising and adding new copy to reflect new services, and beefing up imagery. Really, it is not too bad on you at all!

Are you ready to renovate your website?  Once engaged, we meet to understand your expectations, learn about your company's current services and how you would like to grow, and we attend a tour of your work space to see your culture. The G3 team will then provide three templates for you to choose from...and then we dive in to complete the project.

C'mon and let's work on this. It will be fun. When it launches, we will throw you a wrap party.

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